It’s the dawn of the Renaissance.  Alfred — the eponymous second son — comes of age in the enlightened court of his grandfather, convinced that his life will be unremarkable, spent in mundane service to king and kingdom.  His grandfather, however, foresees for him a special destiny.

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“Written in elegant prose, with an intricate storyline that is woven together like a fine medieval tapestry.”  — Authors Reading

“An absolutely sensational renaissance novel filled with dry humor, heartfelt moments, and exceptional characters.”  — Sublime Book Review

It was inevitable that the new king would be very different from his father. What no one could foresee was where his penchant for action would lead. It was equally inevitable that Alfred’s brother, John, would do something outrageous. What no one would have predicted is just how far he would exceed the bounds of royal decorum.

At a time when the world is changing faster than anyone expected, Alfred must try to create a role for himself that lives up to his grandfather’s vision of his destiny. And Ralf is still out there, knowing that his plan for Alfred’s death has failed and that vengeance for his father has yet to be achieved.


Praise for Second Son

“A fine-grained and emotionally satisfying medieval adventure.” — Kirkus Reviews

“In the genre of historically inspired fiction, Taylor has done a marvelous job of combining fact, fantasy, and fun.” — Indie Reader

“Highest Rated” list, Indie Reader, August 2018

“Editor’s Choice,” Black Rose Writing, October 2018

“Historical fiction lovers will enjoy this tale of knightly adventure.”  — Sublime Book Review

I’ve always loved history and have been an avid reader of historical fact and fiction from the first biography I read when I was nine years old.  As a writer, I find that the past offers rich sources for character, ambiance, and plot that allow us to escape into a world totally unlike our daily lives.

History’s not my only interest, though. You can learn more about me on my Bio page.