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Was Edward II Really Murdered in 1327? 

It is recorded that on the 21st day of September 1327, Edward of Caernarfon, until earlier in that year, king of England, was murdered at Berkeley Castle in Gloucestershire. He was buried in Gloucester Cathedral on the 20th day of December.

For five hundred fifty years, this was the undisputed history of the fate of Edward II of England.

Then, in 1878, a letter was discovered that claimed otherwise. It was found in a cartulary belonging to the bishop of Maguelonne in France. A letter to Edward III from Manuele Fieschi, a priest and papal notary. The authenticity of this letter is not in question. Nor is the fact that it is contemporaneous with the events described. Its veracity, however, remains a matter of debate among historians.

What if the Fieschi letter is true?

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I’ve always loved history and have been an avid reader of historical fact and fiction from the first biography I read when I was nine years old.  As a writer, I find that the past offers rich sources for character, ambiance, and plot that allow us to escape into a world totally unlike our daily lives.History’s not my only interest, though. You can learn more about me on my Bio page.

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