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International Bestselling author of the Second Son Chronicles

Was Edward II Really Murdered in 1327?  Watch the trailer


It’s in the gaps and omissions, the questions that history poses, where fabulous stories often reside. This is one of those. Using the mystery surrounding the reportedly horrific death of Edward II, Pamela Taylor has woven a marvellous tale of traitors, power, courage and above all, loyalty. It’s a page-turner par excellence that will more than satisfy history and fiction buffs alike and have them pondering the eternal question: “what if?” A stunning addition to the genre.  — Karen Brooks, International Bestselling Author of The Good Wife of Bath

A fresh new perspective on the mystery surrounding the fate of Edward II of England . . . a potent and atmospheric plot bound to have a place in the shelves of historical fiction enthusiasts.  — Pacific Book Review

“The Rest of His Days” truly stands out to me in the genre. I just absolutely loved this book. I loved exploring a very intriguing mystery. I love seeing bonds made and broken among the characters. I loved how emotionally invested I got in this story. — NetGalley Reviewer

I love historical fiction, but this… It flowed and I never knew how much of the book I read. Just be prepared, once you start, you won’t want to stop! — Goodreads Reviewer

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I’ve always loved history and have been an avid reader of historical fact and fiction from the first biography I read when I was nine years old.  As a writer, I find that the past offers rich sources for character, ambiance, and plot that allow us to escape into a world totally unlike our daily lives.History’s not my only interest, though. You can learn more about me on my Bio page.

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